Environmentalists As Climate Culprits

Townhall.com has a well written commentary authored by State University of New York History professor Nicholas Waddy in which he outlines how environmentalists are actually the biggest hypocrites when it comes to their own carbon footprint.

While deriding the municipal lawsuits against fossil fuel companies, he does reveal that despite their lack of substance to help them garner a successful jury verdict, the litigation is geared more to embarassing oil and gas companies in the court of public opinion outright acts of intimidation. Furthermore, when environmentalists came on the scene during the 1970’s matters got even worse:

Citing concerns about the toxicity and long half-life of nuclear waste, and about the possibility of “meltdowns”, the rising environmental movement made opposition to nuclear power a litmus test for being “earth-friendly”. In 1979, an accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in Pennsylvania, which harmed neither the environment nor any human being, was spun by environmentalists into a harbinger of nuclear-fueled catastrophe.

A massive propaganda campaign against nuclear energy ensued, in which Jane Fonda’s film The China Syndrome figured prominently, which led in turn to a flood of lawsuits as well as political pressure to suspend the construction of new nuclear plants. Plant construction duly ground to a halt, and, from the late 1970s to today, no new nuclear facilities have been approved in the United States.

For our purposes, though, the bigger point is this: nuclear power does not create carbon emissions of any kind. Instead, it produces small quantities of nuclear waste, which are relatively easy to store. In torpedoing the nuclear energy industry, therefore, liberals and environmentalists destroyed the only viable alternative to our civilization’s dependence on fossil fuels for energy production.

After their success with nuclear power, as Waddy points out, by undermining nuclear power environmentalists set the stage for fossil fuels to be used exclusively to serve our energy needs. By default, environmentalists became responsible for the very carbon emissions they claimed to abhor and then conducted a rapid succession of attacks on the fossil fuel industry. They almost succeeded in shutting down energy production with President Barack Obama nearly bankrupting the coal industry and his climate controls seeking to reduce pollution. Since Americans turned them away with the election of Donald Trump, environmentalists have resorted to heavy handed terrorism.

However, none of the attacks by environmentalists on fossil fuels would have been needed had they not lied about nuclear energy. But, environmentalists are not conducting their campaigns on a rational basis. Their efforts are geared soley to destroy human civilization, as evidenced by environmentalists who sue to stop renewable energy edifices like wind and solar farms. This despite the fact that green groups pitched wind, solar, geothermal and (at one point) natural gas as alternative sources of energy.