CA Environmentalists Endorse Oil Field Wastewater Pollution

Despite previous tests showing that recycled wastewater is clean, California environmentalists oppose a recent decision by state regulators to allow continued dumping of oilfield wastewater at a wastewater treatment plant owned by Valley Water Treatment Company in Kern County.

KGET reports that the Center for Biological Diversity alleges that the water from the plant is contaminating numerous are groundwater aquifiers. The regulators have ordered the company running the wastewater plant to conduct a groundwater monitoring program, but fell short of ordering Valley Water Treatment Company from stopping the discharges.

During 2015, tests conducted by Chevron on treated oil field waste water supplied by the petroleum company to farmers in Kern County that use it to water their crops. Test results showed the water was not only safe but in compliance with the Cawelo Water District Standards.

Environmentalists oppose treatment of oil field wastewater because it is an extension of their opposition to using fossil fuels. Shut down water treatment of oilfield wastewater and using petroleum to provide energy for human’s needs becomes much harder to justify and water farmers use to enhance their crop yields is gone resulting in a reduced food supply.