Report: Wind and Solar Farms “Slaughter” Endangered Species

Surprise! Surprise! So-called clean or renewable energy sources could result in slaughtering a number of endangered species. That is the conclusion of a report issued last week by the green group Environmental Progress.

The Daily Caller points out that prior to the Environmental Progress study’s release, Clean Energy Wire also issued a manuscript during April on how edifices like windmills and solar farms in Germany kill massive amounts of migratory animal species.

However, The Daily Caller seems to imply the slaughter is already underway:

Scientists warn the expansion of wind energy in North America could lead to the extinction of migratory bat populations. A solar farm in California killed hundreds of desert tortoises, a threatened reptile in the state, and kills about 6,000 birds a year by lighting them on fire. Also in California, wind turbines in the Altamont Pass kill an estimated 4,700 birds a year, including Golden Eagles.

The windmill and solar farms are (in theory) supposed to use natural elements to generate power for humans. They are supposed to lessen human usage of fossil fuels and are a policy environmentalists have advocated for years.

Now that their ideas have been enacted and the tables have turned in their favor, environmentalist’s concern for animals effected by renewables is collateral damage. In short, environmentalists only care about the environment when their proposals are not in place. Now that they are, greens could care less about the harm their ideas do to nature, including animal species.