PETA Slanders SA Mohair Industry

People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) attempted to slander South Africa’s mohair industry by releasing a video alleging mistreatment of Angora goats. The group was quickly rebutted by industry representatives.

According to IOL, after conducting an investigation of 12 farms over a two month period, PETA alleged that it had conclusive proof that Angolan goats were left bloodied after being sheared. This also included horrific acts such as goats being dragged across the floor by their horns or legs and even being picked up by their tails which can badly damage an animal’s spine.

Industry representatives shot back that, in addition to animal protection law being in place, mohair manufacturers have a code of production that each manufacturer agrees to follow. Those that do not or if employees are found to have mistreated animals, they are dealt with harshly. There were some isolated incidents of mistreatment of goats but the overall accusations were a gross misrepresentation.

It is in a wool or fur manufacturer’s best interest to treat animals well since they are the prime source of their product which helps the company generate profits. The mohair industry is one of South Africa’s major industries that employs about 30,000 people.

As far as groups, like PETA, are concerned, they could care less about the people thrown out of work due to their blanket, untrue accusations since PETA’s primary goal is to destroy an industry that provides material to make clothing fashionable for humans.