Aussie Animal “Rights” Activists Kept Puppies in Unsafe Conditions

Three King Charles cavaliers and two ruby cavoodle puppies stolen from the family-run dog breeder establishment Banskia Park Puppies in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia on June 23rd have been found by police in poor health and unsanitary conditions. According to The Weekly Times, the puppies were not well and had to be treated for diarrhea and dehydration before being returned to their seriously distressed mothers.

Banskia Park Puppies has been the target of animal rights groups in recent years and prior to the puppies disappearance, owner Matt Hams said he remembered seeing two two women and two children browsing near the young dogs. While the police’s case is on going and no charges havevbeen filed against the perpetrators yet, Banskia Park has excellent facilities for the care feeding of animals they breed.

None the less, Banksia Park Puppies was targeted because the animal rights group Oscar’s Law hated the idea of human beings owning canines for domesticated purposes. Animal rights organizations prefer humans to live miserable, incomplete lives with little companionship, especially when it comes to having dogs and cats for companionship.