Environmentalists Seek to Shut Down Livestock Ranching … Again!

Attorneys with the Oregon Natural Desert Association and the Center for Biological Diversity have filed notices of appeal related to a 2003 lawsuit over grazing impacts on bull trout in Oregon’s Malheur National Forest in which the ruling handed down by the Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals at that time favored ranchers, respectfully.

According to Capital Press, the two green groups will appeal the results of the court decision whose original plaintiffs alleged that cattle grazing threatened fish species by trampling egg nests and raising water temperatures. The plaintifffs wanted livestock grazing stopped on units of concern in seven areas along the Maltheur and North Fork rivers. claiming that the waterways only had 100 bull trout despite having the ability to retain 4000 of the fish which are considered a protected species.

The ONDA attempted to litigate the case the 15-year old lawsuit in federal district court, a few years ago. Fortunately, the District Judge assigned to the case dismissed it stating that the grazing permissions did not cause the reduction in bull trout populations as the ONDA had alleged. Instead, the judge concluded (according to US News & World Report) the plaintiffs not only did not establish that the US Forest Service violated federal law by approving the grazing plans in question, but the bull trout populaton declines were, most likely, due to other factors such as the introduction of non-native fish and dam construction.

The lawsuit both green groups will appeal is another attempt to use the US legal system to shut down livestock ranching. Livestock ranching is a vital service used in the production of meat products in which there are thousands of ranchers that are involved in a variety of different animal-related produuction service industries located across the western United States. If this lawsuit is successful, the entire livestock industry could come to a screeching halt which would be a huge hit to the American economy and the well being of Americans since their abillity to consume meat as part of their diet would be severely compromised. THat is ultimately what environmentalists want. What better way to take out human beings than to restrict the human food supply, this time endangered species laws will be utilized.