Kat Von D Slammed (Again) For Anti-Vaccination Stance

On Saturday Tattoo artist, makeup entrepreneur and mom-to-be Kat Von D posted a demonstration of her tattoo-themed eye liner. According to Yahoo News, some of her followers also used the occasion to blast Von D for her anti-vaccination views. Some of the more colorful remarks made were:

Omg, love the eye makeup. Whats the name of the eyeliner, ‘polio’?\

The tip of the liner is sharper than a vaccine needle.

Bet the eyeliner will last longer than her baby (eyeliner can’t get measles).

While there were also people who jumped to Von D’s defense, even a former friend and one other person posted comments and memes ridiculing her decision. Last month, Kat Von D and her husband disclosed on social media that they would use alternative child birth methods, not vaccinate their baby and would feed their child a vegan diet.

Consequently, a lot of her fans were outraged and she has been subject to almost regular ridicule ever since. Sadly, a growing number of parents are declining to vaccinate their babies and kids.

As a result of low vaccination rates resulting from parents choosing not to vaccinate themselves or their kids, a number of disease outbreaks have occurred worldwide, prompting many nations, such as Italy, to prohibit parents from opting out from having their children immunized.

Never forget that the anti-vaccine movement is an environmentalist front that seeks to kill off humans by infecting people with diseases (like smallpox or lyme disease) so they can die slow, painful deaths. Undermining vaccines by lying about them and celebrities who embrace anti-vaccination will help accomplish this goal a lot faster.