Colorado Environmentalist Will Stand Trial for Endangering Cattle in Utah

The Deseret News reports that last year, San Juan County Sheriff’s deputies investigated reported incidents at Lime Ridge off state Route 163 between Bluff and Mexican Hat.

On April 1st, a local cattle rancher named Zane Odell reported he discovered the gate to his corral latched closed which blocked his animal’s ability to get water. Investigators located footprints, tire tracks and camera footage which showed the vehicle and the culprit who conducted the act.

Odell saw and stopped the vehicle in the video footage a few days later on the road in which the occupants of the truck were Mark Franklin and his wife environmental activist Rose Chilcoat. When questioned by investigators, Franklin is said by police to have admitted to latching the cattle gate.

Both Mark Franklin and Rose Chilicoat were charged with attempted wanton destruction of livestock, a second-degree felony, and trespassing on state trust lands, a class A misdemeanor.

Investigators cited Chilicote’s environmental activism and letters she wrote to the Bureau of Land Management stating that the world would be a much better place if Odell’s cattle were gone as motivators for charging her with her husband.

However, the charges against Chilicoat were later dropped since there was no proof she was at the scene with her husband at the time the incident occurred. It is interesting that police did initially cite Rose Chilicoat’s beliefs as one of the reasons for their arresting her. Her husband, Mark, should be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.

Even though Mark Franklin may not associate with any green groups, he is married to an environmentalist and she very likely heavily influences him. So much so that he closed the latch of the cattle gate that night during April of last year. She and her husband live in Colorado, but Chilicoat is also accused by some San Juan County residents of numerous acts of disseminating false information.

Rose Chilicoat said the world would be better off without Zane Odell’s cattle around and, in her mind, that means the people who could have been fed with his cattle would have fewer cattle to use in order to feed themselves. Environmentalists, like Rose Chilicoat and her husband, seek to kill off humans by attacking the food supply and this is ample proof of their true intent.