DxE Thieves Return to Scene of a Crime

Five terrorists with the group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) are obviously determined to see to it they are given even more jail time. According to Fox 13, the group is set to re-visit a Utah pig farm where they kidnapped a piglet last year they alleged was dying insisting they have a right to inspect the property to see if conditions have improved.

The Utah Attorney General filed charges against the five hoodlums for their theft during May of this year. The thugs are charged with removing a piglet they named Lily, from the Smithfield Foods’ Circle Four Farms near Milford during March of 2017.

Not only will the punks return to make demands but will be accompanied by a documentary film crew. Hopefully Smithfield Farms not only has No Trespassing signs on their property but will get restraining orders against these criminals who seek to go back. If the five idiots do show up and refuse to leave, then no doubt they can get charged with trespassing.

As Fox 13 points out, each of these hooligans could get 60 years in jail for their original crimes of trespassing and stealing the piglet. They deserve the maximum amount of jail time. That, in turn, would be a huge deterrent to every other animal rights cult, like DxE, seeking to do the same thing.