IL. Environmentalists Seek To Obstruct Obama Presidential Center

Three Illinois environmentalists with the group Protect Our Parks are engaged in litigation to prevent the construction of President Barack Obama’s Presidential Center. According to the Chicago Tribune, the three assert in their lawsuit that the city of Jackson Park and Park District lack the legal ability to make the public parkland available for the development.

The three environmentalists are one of many interest groups seeking to influence the outcome of the project. While others seek to ensure concessions such as residents are not displaced, its location can be adjusted to ensure job and economic opportunities, the mean greenies are the most dogmatic out of all of the organizations since they seek to stop the former President’s center from being constructed completely.

While he was President, Barack Obama sought to implement policies to address human-caused climate change. Toward the end of his Presidency, he pushed for an enacted some that were heavy-handed and lead to the closing of industries and the loss of thousands of jobs. How ironic that, despite his efforts to support environmentalist causes and policies, that Obama’s Presidential Center could be held up or stopped by a lawsuit from an environmentalist group. Another example of the Left eating their own.