“Be Straw Free” Founder Opposes Banning Straws

Be Straw Free founder Milo Cress was 9 years old who convinced a local restaurant owner in his new hometown of Burlington, Vermont to not bring straws out with every order. In fact, while he was a kid he did some research and concluded that Americans use up to 500 million straws a day.

According to Mic, today Cress is 17 years old and he speaks at events all over the country seeking to persuade people to reduce their plastic use. There is a difference between Cress’s message and the effort behind the environmentalist movement: Milo Cress doesn’t want straws banned. His strategy is to urge businesses to offer straws first, not to get them to stop.

In fact, Cress told Mic in an interview that a restaurant can reduce its straw use by up to 80%. The restaurant would save money and the customer would be able to choose if they wanted a straw or not.

There is a huge difference between Cress’s approach and the one environmentalists are using and it is clear what the latter’s intent is: controlling people’s lives. The environmentalist movement not only hyped plastic straw use but also stole Milo Cress’s statistic (which has not been verified) and took wind out of his idea because environmentalists needed another crisis to manufacture by any means necessary.