PETA Condemns TX Grandmother Who Killed Alligator

A Texas great grandmother named Judy Cochran of Livingston, Texas, killed a 12 foot alligator she says devoured her miniature horse that disappeared three years ago.

According to The Houston Chronicle, Cochran states her horse disappeared in the same pasture where the alligator was wandering. She can’t say for certain, but is highly suspect. She lured the reptile out with an alligator trapper she hired that used raccoon roadkill as bait. Once the alligator was snared in ropes, Cochran shot it once in the head.

Livingston is located in Polk County and is one of the few counties in Texas where it is legal to hunt alligators at certain times of the year. Judy Cochran made sure she had the appropriate paperwork before setting out to take out her horse’s alleged killer.

None of what Judy Cochran did set well with People for the Extortion, Torture, and Abuse of human beings (PETA). In a statement the group gave to NBC News, PETA is quoted as saying:

We may not understand alligators the way we do animals we’re more familiar with, but we know that they’re expert navigators, clever hunters and fiercely protective parents who, most importantly, feel the same fear and pain that we do. Shame on the mayor for her cruel, cowardly act.

Chochran shouldn’t be phased by what the human hate group says and the remains of the nearly 600 pound alligator will be used by members of her family who are also hunters too. Judy Cochran is also the Mayor of Livingston as well. Hopefully, the press coverage of her alligator hunt along with the scorn she received from PETA will work in her favor if she decides to run for re-election.