Animal “Rights” Activists Accuse Police, Patrons of Violence At SeaWorld

Hoodlums for the animal rights group Justice for Captives held disrupted events at SeaWorld, Outback Spectacular, and Dreamworld at various locations in Australia last week. At SeaWorld, it was reported by The Sidney Morning Herald that the thugs stopped a dolphin performance where members of the group entered the pool and refused to get out until the show was halted. Police and staff removed the punks shortly afterward.

At Dreamworld, goons with the same group climbed on top of the roof of the theme park’s entrance and they demanded an end to the use of tigers and other animals for tourist selfies. At both incidents, there were accusations on the part of Justice for Captives hooligans and patrons of misconduct toward each other. Even on the part of police.

None the less, the customers of both Seaworld and Dreamworld condemned the animal rights bullies and supported the entertainment venues. The intent of the hooligans who disrupted events at the three entertainment sites did so with the intention to not only ruin people’s experience but also to rob all three organizations of money with the end goal of eventually releasing all of the animals in their captivity.

Animal rights groups have always been critical of the theme parks like SeaWorld and circuses because they use captive animals to entertain people. PETA ratcheted up their harassment campaign against the theme park after the release of a documentary named Blackfish that put SeaWorld’s practices in an extremely bad light. But after all of the harassment, PETA and other groups like Justice for Captives conduct on SeaWorld it is questionable that any violence brought against the animal rights thugs was not done without some sort of provocation on their part.