Sidney Anti-Lockdown Protests Turn Violent

Citing a rise in COVID-19 cases a few days ago, Sidney, Australia officials decided to tighten restrictions including potentially extending stay at home orders beyond their July 30th deadline. Consequently, thousands marched in protest of the new rules that, unfortunately, resulted in outbreaks of violence among the crowds with some aggression directed at police. New… Read More Sidney Anti-Lockdown Protests Turn Violent

The “Quiet” Funding of the Left’s Agenda

Senior Investigative Researcher at the Capital Research Center Hayden Ludwig wrote an article published in The American Conservative discussing the left’s massive bankrolling of political organizations. He joined Newsmax yesterday to discuss his work on exposing the left’s nonprofit apparatus and how it funds a great deal of he left-leaning political activism surfacing in numerous… Read More The “Quiet” Funding of the Left’s Agenda

Biden BLM Nominee May Have Ties to Eco-Terrorists

Joe Biden’s nominee for Director of Bureau of Land Management, Tracy Stone-Manning, may have ties to eco-terrorists. This, according to The Washington Times, citing information from court records on the part of Wyoming Senator David Barrasso detailing her activities with the eco-radical group Earth First! Stone-Manning reportedly joined the EarthFirst! in 1988 while attending graduate… Read More Biden BLM Nominee May Have Ties to Eco-Terrorists

Opponents of Minnesota Pipeline Terrorize Employees

More than 160 leftists have been arrested Monday during an action opposing the Line 3 oil pipeline in Hubbard County located in north Minnesota. The New York Times states the hoodlums were charged on a public utility and critical infrastructure. Police began arresting trespassers who reportedly climbed on top of transporter boxes and diggers, along… Read More Opponents of Minnesota Pipeline Terrorize Employees