UK Fashion Retailer Caves to PETA Lies About Wool, which also owns brands PrettyLittleThing and Nasty Gal, is one of the UK’s biggest online fashion retailers. According to The Telegraph, the company just recently caved to pressure from People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA), announcing they will no longer carry wool products.

Fashion United reveals that PETA informed Boohoo of their findings coming from one of their Asia affiliates who claimed that exposed farmers in the Scottish wool industry were seen striking sheep in the face with shears, hitting their heads into wooden floors, stamping on their necks, and throwing them off shearing trailers.

A representative of the National Farmer’s Union responded to the claims by advising The Telegraph:

Wool is the most sustainable of all fibres and is far better for the environment than creating plastic fibres, which create pollution. Shearing sheep stops them getting heatstroke.

Farmers that shear are properly trained. There was one group of professional sheep shearers exposed for bad practice by Peta and that is probably why Boohoo has caved in to this.

Of course PETA toasted Boohoo’s move, but it isn’t out of concern for the animals but it’s one more way to ensure people do not have comfortable experiences and warm material to stay warm in cold climates. Since the sheep can die resulting from heatstroke if they aren’t sheared, it is obvious PETA wants the sheep dead so that it is one more way to make people’s lives are miserable.

During May of last year, PETA tried to slander the mohair shearing industry in South Africa with similar, predictable talking points and they were revealed as lies then and the allegations they’re making now, if history is any guide, are lies too.