Environmentalists Seek Rolling Blackouts for Balkans

On Thursday of last week, environmentalists urged EU policymakers to clampdown on coal-fired power plants in Western Balkan states. According to Voice of America, the fumes are from emissions from old Communist-era plants that environmentalists allege contribute to nearly 4000 deaths across Europe each year.

However, with some help from China, Balkan states have invested in improvements to reduce harmful emissions and state they new plants will soon to be brought online that do not pollute as much. More of the plants are needed they say to meet rising energy demand and when environmentalists oppose nuclear power, countries will turn to sources, like coal, as sources of energy.

No doubt many of the environmentalists pitching for the restrictions mentioned will go back to their nice, comfortable, luxurious homes with electricity provided by fossil fuel plants. After all, it is a lot easier to oppose access to cheap, affordable energy when you have a lot of money and think you can tell other people how to live.

PHOTO CREDIT: – Wikimedia – Bełchatów Power Station, Poland