UK Animal “Rights” Group Urges Violence Against Game Farms

During August of last year, Badger culls were suggested by elected officials in the United Kingdom, prompted by a gradual increase in the animal’s population. This came in light of a Bovine tuberculosis outbreak among the country’s badger species.

Animal rights groups attempted to prevent the hunts by taking the British government to court arguing that the culls made the TB outbreaks they sought to prevent worse, but the courts ruled against them. Instead of admitting defeat, the main opposition organization named Stop the Cull took it upon itself to publish the names, addresses and phone numbers of farmers it believes are involved in the event.

According to The Times of London, Stop the Cull urged direct action against the farmers but denied that doing so could lead to violence and intimidation. This despite the fact that the organization is headed by Jay Tiernan a man who, quoting from The Times: has convictions for offences including breaching an injunction designed to protect badger cull farmers and their families from harassment and also convictions for aggravated trespass and criminal damage during animal liberation activities.

At the time, there had not been any violence conducted since the farmer’s personal information has been released. Tiernan admitted to The Times of London some level of intimidation on the part of his Stop The Cull’s members in the past, but assured people there was no need for people to fear for their safety, Tiernan further claimed his group has discouraged their members from intimidating them.

However, Field Sports Channel reports, citing a post from their Facebook page, Stop The Cull is now advocating violence against game farms. Already Animal Liberation Front and activists with other do-called animal rights activists have been filmed removing fences and even chasing pheasants away from the farms. Not only will the birds, most likely, not survive on their own, but Facebook has yet to take any action to take disciplinary action against Stop The Cull for their message. Also, the cost of policing the culls has gone up thanks to the disruptions urged by Stop The Cull.

There is not indication of Jay Tiernan’s role in this but nothing to indicate he may have tried to prevent it either. Hopefully he tried, but there is nothing online yet to demonstrate he repudiates this message and the violence to come. By publishing the names and addresses of the farmers, it was obviously an attempt to intimidate and this latest Facebook post is a call to conduct violence at pheasant farms. Rather than love animals, so-called animal rights groups, like Stop The Cull, ultimately hate humans.