Dan Bilzerian Pushes Back Against PETA Harassment

People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of Human beings (PETA) picked on the wrong guy this time. The human hate group singled out internet personality and professional gambler Dan Bilzerian recently for feeding his Kodiak bear, Tag, at a 4/20 party he held at his ranch recently.

PETA filed false complaints with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services, stating that Dan Bilzerian and Steve Martin wildlife illegally exhibited the 7-year-old bear. Bilzerian responded that not only is he a former hunter, Tag was rescued at a young age, grew up in his family and is very happy. Bilzerian went on to say:

[PETA] wants to do the typical internet bandwagon on whatever is popular and come after me. PETA can suck my d***. I was feeding a very healthy, happy bear who was rescued at a young age.

Hollywood Unlocked also included some very surprising, not well known information about PETA in their report too. Hopefully, PETA’s standing among Hollywood elites will take a serious below due to their harassment of celebrities like Dan Bilzerian, the information in the article, and their awful remarks about Steve Irwin will be enough to even undermine animal rights as a cause for Hollywood to embrace. Time will tell.