UK Guardian Demands Climate Action General Strike, XR Lays “Booby Trap”

A few days ago, The Guardian published an article literally demanding a general strike in order to force action on climate change. This being done in order to force Her Majesty’s government to accept environmentalist policies such as ending the use of fossil fuels.

The environmentalist Luddites of Extinction Rebellion (XR) have answered in kind laying, according to The Sun, a Bobby Trap on the last day of their London events. One of the movement’s activists decided to glue her breasts outside Goldman Sachs office on Fleet Street in London.

Prior to the woman’s boob-brained idea, seven activists glued themselves to the entrance to the London Stock Exchange acting as a kind of human wall. One woman glued her hand to the door of a commuter train, while a number of activists blocked traffic to a street next to the Bank of England. In all, a total of 1,000 XR hoodlums were arrested (including the ones listed above) when XR started their shinanegans the week prior to Earth Day.

The example set by Extinction Rebellion isn’t just their demonstrating their hostility to capitalism but their hatred of the average person. During their protests, there were lots of people who expressed overt hostility to the XR mobsters. British environmentalists are earning a reputation that will undermine their cause. No one will want to listen to them not only due to their being inconvenienced but also because they had time and money taken away from them in order to subsidize a paranoid, hippy, Malthusian doom-and-gloom political campaign.