Almost 9,000 Pheasants in UK “Condemned to Death”

Between Friday, April 19th (Good Friday) and Saturday the 20th, Animal Liberation Front (ALF) terrorists cut fences, netting and a water pipe to release almost 9,000 pheasants from Heath Hatcheries, Suffolk, as part of their effort to dismantle the shooting industry farm by farm, shoot by shoot.

According to The Times of London, the pheasants ended up in a nearby forest in which they will have died due to sheer stress and exertion. A managing partner at at Heath Hatcheries in Mildenhall named Stuart Fairhead told The Times he found 200 bodies nearly 900 feet from their cage. Fairhead also pointed out: From what I’ve read on the ALF site they believe they are releasing them to a better life. All they’ve done is condemn them to death.

Pheasants in the United Kingdom are primarily used for food and prepared as a delicacy for consumption. This action wasn’t just a way for ALF to infringe on someone’s dietary choices, but also demonstrate ALF doesn’t really care about the lives of animals. With the pheasants ending up in the woods, they will lack the instincts and skills to survive making them easy prey for wild animals.