Eco-Terrorists Are Villains in Latest “Godzilla” Movie

The eternal battle between man and megalizard continues.

PETER SUDERMAN | 5.31.2019 12:59 PM – Reason

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is, on the one hand, a mindless, goofy B-movie about giant lizards fighting each other while humans look on helplessly, and, on the other hand, a mystical ecological parable, in which a band of committed eco-terrorists unchain forces of destruction in order to cleanse the planet of the plague of humanity. It thus poses a question: Who is the real monster—man or megalizard?

The eco-terrorists’ plan is pure nonsense, but it has the virtue of being simple and direct: Release a handful of mountain-sized beasts from the bowels of the planet, then let them stomp around murdering everything and everyone in their path. Monsters + destruction = planet saved.

The monsters, we come to understand, are actually ancient Titans who serve as “nature’s defense,” which sounds suspiciously like the name of an environmental non-profit. These Titans are tasked with preserving the planet’s integrity. In this case, that appears to mean wiping out much of human civilization. To make a planet-sized omelet, I suppose, you have to break a few billion eggs.

Like so many presidential campaign policy proposals, this preposterous idea is debated with a seriousness and solemnity it doesn’t merit. What about all the people who will die as a result? “The mass extinction has already begun,” explains one proponent of the release-the-monsters strategy, “and we are the cause.” In other words, think of all the people who will die if we don’t set loose the flying fire demon.