D.C.-Area Animal “Rights” Thieves Charged in MD. Cow Theft

Two Maryland women were arrested by police last week and charged with multiple counts of burglary and theft related to a calf being stolen from Braglio Farms in Woodstock, Maryland during mid-April.

The Virginia Gazette states that Jennifer Lauren Sully, 44 of Baltimore County, Maryland, and Erika Lynn Wilkinson, 19, of Falls Church (who remains at large) are accused of trespassed on Braglio Farm property on April 20th in which the two women stole a three month old calf named Milly who was abandoned by its mother post-birth but was a family pet at the farm. The women then transported it to the Norge animal sanctuary in which Wilkinson began posting photos of her with the Milly (who was later recovered by police) on a social media account.

The Life With Pigs’s Facebook page alleged that the stolen calf arrived improperly fed and covered in live. However, The Virginia Gazette says that while Braglio farms has been previously accused of having abused and neglected its animals, investigators found no proof of any misconduct. Police state they are confident they will be able to prosecute both thieves successfully due to overwhelming evidence they have obtained.

Fortunately, the idiots were stupid enough to get caught and, hopefully, they will spend some time in jail and compensate the farm owner for their theft. Animal rights activists hope their attacks, harassment or theft of animals will result in undermining animal farms and other food-related establishments in hopes of more human dying by hunger or starvation.