UK anti-fracking activists go on trial accused of breaking injunction

Three people could face jail if found in contempt of court over Blackpool protest

The Guardian

Three anti-fracking protesters have gone on trial accused of breaking an injunction designed to stop disruption of a fracking site in Lancashire.

Katrina Lawrie, Lee Walsh and Christopher Wilson took part in a “lock-on” at Preston New Road, near Blackpool, on 24 July last year, less than a fortnight after a judge granted an injunction to the energy company Cuadrilla.

It took police six and a half hours to separate the protesters as they sat locked together at the entrance to the fracking site. A number of other demonstrators were also involved, but Cuadrilla’s legal team was unable to track them down to serve them with court summons.

At Manchester civil justice centre on Tuesday, a lawyer for Cuadrilla argued that the three protesters breached the injunction by conspiring to obstruct the highway and trespass on the fracking site.

If found guilty they would be held to be in contempt of court. The maximum sentence is two years’ imprisonment. The protesters believe the injunction was unlawful because it impinged on their legal right to peaceful protest.

Green Jihad Note: So these hoodlums only believe in following the law when it suits them and conduct an act they believe is civil disobedience when, in reality, they were obstructing drilling in violation of a court order. They were even briefed on what they could do not to break the injunction but went ahead and did it anyway.


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