Animal “Rights” Thugs Intrude On UK Pig Farm

After an alleged three month investigation, 80 hoodlums with the animal rights group Meat The Victims took it upon themselves to raid pig houses at Moss Rose Piggeries located in Blackpool, England. According to Metro UK. despite farm owner Wayne Baguely politely (but firmly) telling the thugs to leave or he would notify police, and after their failure to attempt a confrontation, the punks proceeded to storm farm pig facilities.

The group claims that Moss Rose Piggeries houses the pigs and other animals in unsanitary and unsafe conditions. Baguely retorts that his animals and their infrastructure are regularly inspected and and his farm has had few issues. Two weeks before the incident, a veterinarian inspected the animals and they were all fine. Now he has to have his animals inspected by a veterinarian again resulting from this action.

Meat The Victims has also conducted similar activities in Australia, Holland, and Ireland. But the criminals also run the risk of having contracted African Swine Fever. Not surprisingly, one member of Meat The Victims, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated they felt the farm was in violation of numerous health and animal safety rules and regulations.

However, Metro UK points out that Moss Rose Piggeries is a ‘Red Tractor approved’ farm, which means its product quality has been certified by a food regulation organisation called Assured Food Standards. So far, there have not been any reports of animals having been stolen.

It’s abundantly clear this so-called raid is part of a concerted but uncoordinated effort by animal rights organizations to discourage or undermine animal-related food production, including animal farms and other meat-related establishments, using harassment or intimidation tactics. Groups, like Meat The Victims, hope the result is that more humans die by malnutrition, hunger, or outright starvation.

PHOTO CREDIT: – Wood Grilled Hampshire Pork Chop (grilled pears, barley, chile) at the Buckeye Roadhouse in Mill Valley, California – By Missvain – Own work, CC BY 4.0,