Animal “Rights” Thugs Terrorize MD Farmer

Charges were dropped against Braglio Farms owner, Scott Braglio, by Maryland state authorities in a case stemming from a citizen complaint alleging Braglio made threatening statements over public airwaves brought by Life With Pigs animal sanctuary head Ryan Phillips.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Braglio has not only has he been cleared of any wrong doing, but is still the subject of a harassment campaign allegedly spearheaded by Phillips and other animal rights thugs. These events are connected to two women apparently linked to Phillips’s animal sanctuary who are charged with the theft of a calf named Milly from Braglio’s Marriottsville farm during April.

Maryland investigators found no proof of wrong-doing at Braglio Farms in which its owner also operates other businesses, including a restaurant named the Woodstock Inn that animal rights hoodlums have targeted as well. Thankfully, Braglio got his calf back and, hopefully, the harassment will end soon. If not, perhaps he could sue Life With Pigs animal shelter, Ryan Phillips, and the thieves who took his calf for damages.

Animal rights gangsters, like the ones based out of Life With Pigs animal sanctuary, hope their attacks, harassment, or theft of animals will discourage animal-related food production including animal farms and other food-related establishments. Their end goal is more humans dying by malnourishment, hunger, or starvation.