Josh Fox’s lies about fracking

There is talk on the blogosphere about Josh Fox’s being kicked off the Fox Business News show Varney & Company. Fox has worn the incident as a badge of honor and his supporters claimed Fox schooled the show’s host, Stuart Varney, on fracking. But what really happened was Fox tried to dominate the conversation while claiming a conspiracy on the part of the Obama Administration as being in bed with oil companies. If Fox had not accused Stuart Varney of lying when Varney said he lit his own tap water on fire during what was a heated debate, Fox probably would not have been kicked off.

I would not be surprised if Josh Fox is found to be on the payroll of oil producing Middle Eastern countries. Countries like Qatar have been known to fund disinformation campaigns in order to undermine fracking in the US. Fox has a history of continuing to lie or discard facts that contradict his narrative. Here is are segments from the movie Fracknation that not only makes the case for fracking but also critically examines Josh Fox’s allegations in his movies Gasland and Gasland 2. Both videos are examples of how Fox lies and fakes his evidence about the drilling method.