The Sick and Vile Mentality of Animal “Rights” Activists and Their Media Lapdogs

A 30-second video has gone viral on social media where a hunting party of ten men aiming their rifles at a charging lion shot the animal dead as it showed its fangs ready to tear into one of the hunters. Comedian do-gooder Ricky Gervais jumped to the rescue decrying the video’s content, not only accusing the hunters of being poachers without any proof, but also calling for a world-wide ban on trophy hunting while The Sun is all too willing to go along. The tabloid has the gall to call the actions of the hunters sick and vile. What is revolting is Gervais, The Sun, and people who opposed the hunters are essentially saying the men brought the attack on themselves and should have just allowed the lion to attack them.

“Sick video of hunters shooting a charging lion dead sparks outrage as Ricky Gervais brands them ‘useless c*** cluster”, by Nika Shakhnazarova, August 10, 2019, The Sun

A SICK video of vile trophy hunters shooting a charging lion to its death has sparked outrage on after Ricky Gervais branded the poachers “useless c***-cluster of the day”.

The horrific 30-second video showed a group of around ten men in a hunting party all aiming their rifles at the charging feline.

The clip begins with the lion running through the trees towards the men – possibly to protect itself from the poachers in an act of aggression.

As the lion neared closer to the group of hunters, one of the men shot the big cat with his rifle, instantly killing it as it fell to the ground.”


PHOTO CREDIT: By Carole Raddato from FRANKFURT, Germany – Sculpted reliefs depicting Ashurbanipal, the last great Assyrian king, hunting lions, gypsum hall relief from the North Palace of Nineveh (Irak), c. 645-635 BC, British Museum, CC BY-SA 2.0,