Animal rights activists accused of killing hundreds of pheasant chicks

By Valerie Elliot, August 8, 2019, The Times of London

Animal rights activists who raided a pheasant farm to try to release the birds ended up killing hundreds of chicks, the farmer has said.

Eloise McDonald, 23, found dead chicks with hundreds of birds huddled together after the raid on her family farm near Ashford, Kent, last month. She wrote on Facebook: “Some lowlife scumbag so-called ‘animal lovers’ let out 20,000 of my birds, cut all the fencing, cut gas pipes, hundreds of week-old birds dead, gasping for water and starving!”

Commercial shoots are on alert after their locations were published on a website linked to critics of the badger cull. There is concern that activists will try to disrupt the start of the grouse shooting season on Monday.

Ms McDonald said: “As soon as I arrived I knew something weird had happened. The birds were roaming. I was sickened.

“They were mixed up in ages and that is very bad for the bird as the older ones can peck the little ones. I reckon we’ve lost about 3,000. I don’t know why they picked on us. We are a small family shoot not a commercial one.”

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PHOTO CREDIT: By CiaranG at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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