37 Animal “Rights” Terrorists Arrested at ‘Frisco Whole Foods

Thirty seven terrorists with the group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) were arrested today in a San Francisco Whole Foods after chaining and gluing themselves to the front of the business while scaring off employees and customers in the process.

“San Francisco Whole Foods protest ends with 37 arrested,” By Michael Bartiromo, Michael Hollan | Fox News

Thirty-seven protesters with Direct Action Everywhere were reportedly arrested amid a protest outside — and on top of — a Whole Foods market in San Francisco on Monday.

The protest, which was staged by animal-rights activists with Direct Action Everywhere, was demonstrating against what the group alleges to be “criminal animal abuse” by farms that supply Amazon, the parent company of Whole Foods. According to a press release shared by Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), the protest was also attempting to raise awareness and support for Rose’s Law, a proposed animal bill of rights supported by animal-rights organizations.

In a statement shared with Fox News on Monday, Whole Foods reiterated its “commitment to animal welfare,” but warned that DxE had potentially created a safety hazard amid the protest.

During DxE’s demonstration, activists chained themselves together in front of the store’s Noe Valley location, with some even “supergluing” themselves to each other, according to DxE. Social media posts from outside the store also show the group had erected a large image of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ head on the roof of the store, with a sign over it reading, “I profit from criminal animal abuse.”