“Gang Stalking” and Critical Race Theory

Four years ago, The New York Times published a fascinating but harrowing news story highlighting a newly found conspiracy theory genre called gang stalking. People who subscribe to it tend to consider every act on the part of people other than them symbolic of systemic hatred in which it can develop into a kind of psychosis. People who subscribe to critical race theory can develop a similar mindset. Where gang stalkers see operatives or agents everywhere, critical race theorists see white supremacists.

United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers

By Mike McPhate, June 10, 2016, The New York Times

Nobody believed him. His family told him to get help. But Timothy Trespas, an out-of-work recording engineer in his early 40s, was sure he was being stalked, and not by just one person, but dozens of them.

He would see the operatives, he said, disguised as ordinary people, lurking around his Midtown Manhattan neighborhood. Sometimes they bumped into him and whispered nonsense into his ear, he said.

“Now you see how it works,” they would say.

At first, Mr. Trespas wondered if it was all in his head. Then he encountered a large community of like-minded people on the internet who call themselves “targeted individuals,” or T.I.s, who described going through precisely the same thing.


5 thoughts on ““Gang Stalking” and Critical Race Theory

  1. You might be onto something with this:

    “Where gang stalkers see operatives or agents everywhere, critical race theorists see white supremacists”

    What you are positing has some basis in fact, as we now see left wing types using KKK era, and FBI Red Squad “disruption ” tactics now.

    Thats what gang stalking is.

    I call the left wing stalkers “Kommunity Kulture Klubs and Kovens (K 4), because they are the fourth incarnation of the Masonic styled race based social engineering.

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  2. Thanks for the “like ”.

    Yes, gang stalking goes both ways, right?

    In my experience, I have met white traditionalist and religion affiliated stalkers, as well as K 4 stalkers, most of them financed by Anti -Defamation League criminals.

    The irony is that the ADL plays on both sides of the fence, right?

    On one hand, financing and backing the nurderers of Ahmaud Arbery, on the other, furthering George Soros agenda.

    Strange, white, Jewish supremacist, tri polar world that they live in.


    1. So Jews are behind your being stalked? Really? You don’t think other billionaires like Michael Bloomberg (admittedly Jewish) or Tom Steyer (not Jewish) are behind all of this? The Kerry’s perhaps? What about the unions that back the Left? Perhaps it’s really them paying for your being “stalked”?

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      1. Hi, interesting response. My case is pretty well known: I wrote the nations first story about FBI manufactured terrorism, in 2003. So, gang stalking isnt Jewish per se, but rather communitarian.

        I have named multiple tribal -sectarian individuals and groups, and some were Jews too, or pandering for Jewish clout.

        I have on multiple occasions outed ADL and their K 4 types involved in it, and I can and did name them. I also sued a security firm and put them out of business during that period.

        Union dicks, and others are especially active in Los Angeles and other large cities and work with.other publuc sector unions, which include tons of cops.

        So overall, no, its not just Jews, its those most inclined to faith in “higher powers” that think they are above they are above law and due process, and those involved in FBI secret policing, what some call COUNTELPRO 2.0.

        Zionists are especially pernicious in this manner, and show up at the site of narratives in many mass shootings too,as we saw with the San Berdoo and Pulse nughtclub shootings and many others.


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