Former Vegan YouTube Star Berated Over Eating Meat

A, now former, vegan of five years and YouTube star named Elise Parker is the subject of scorn by her fans after she decides to eat animal products for 30 days.

The Daily Mail states that not only were fans disappointed but Parker also disclosed she has been incorporating animal products into her diet for the past year. While on the vegan diet, Elise Parker said that she experienced digestion problems. But, she said eating meat not only helped resolved them, she also lost 2 pounds and is feeling better mentally as well.

Ultimately, it is Elise Parker’s choice as to what she wants to eat. The mean, nasty, and arrogant comments directed at her on social media are proof of why most people won’t embrace veganism. It is tantamount to a religious belief and it’s followers berate ex-Vegans (like Elise Parker) or even people who disagree with them. Parker’s video announcing her change of diet is below.