Jessica Simpson Blows Off Anti-Fur Bullies, Wears Fur

In a clear flip off to animal rights activists, The Blast reports Jessica Simpson took to Instagram Wednesday to show off her wearing a fur coat after leaving Chicago upon completing a book signing event there.

As soon as Jessica Simpson posted the pictures of her wearing the tan full length jacket criticism started almost immediately. Jessica, however, was undaunted as one follower is quoted as saying: “Oh God…is that fur? Those PETA people are gonna lose their minds girl!” To which Simpson replied with three kissing face emojis.

Jessica Simpson’s pictures come on the heels of being harassed at the hands of animal rights punks over the past week at two different events promoting her memoir Open Book. Good for you, Jessica!

ADDENDUM 02/14/2020: As it turns out, the coat Jessica Simpson is wearing is fake fur and it is being reported that she is trying to get on the good side of animal rights activists. This is highly unlikely due to a number of factors: Jessica hasn’t openly announced it, the increased security she is arranging for her book signings, she gets paid to show off clothes she wears, and that Simpson also has faux fur products as part of her clothes line. Fake fur or not, she still looks great!