U.K. Mother Threatened With Rape, Death for Criticizing MMR Skepticism

A British mother of autistic children named Emma Dalmayne is also an advocate for kids with autism and has been threatened with death and rape just for criticizing people who harbor skepticism of the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine. She has gone so far as to openly challenge vaccine skeptics and opponents at screenings of anti-vaccine films too. If opponents or skeptics of vaccines were strong in their beliefs and their positions correct, then they would not fear criticism from people like Emma Dalmayne.

Rape threats to campaign mum after criticising unproven information about MMR jab

AN AUTISM rights campaigner has told how she became the victim of an abusive campaign after calling for children to receive the MMR jab.

By Lucy Johnston and Justin Stoneman, Express

It comes as mumps cases soared nearly five fold, with anti-vaccinations groups blamed for the spread.

Emma Dalmayne, 43, who has criticised unproven links between autism and the MMR jab, has faced death and rape threats.

Last month she says she narrowly escaped an attack by an audience member at the premiere of Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth, who ran at her screaming “Get her out, she’s mad.”

The documentary is the second of two films questioning the safety of childhood inoculations. They rely on research by discredited doctor Andrew Wakefield, who caused a scare by linking the jabs with autism.

Emma, who has five autistic children, had her Wikipedia page edited to say she bullies parents, but this has since been revised. The news comes as health officials urged people to have both shots of the triple MMR vaccine after cases of mumps in England reached their highest level in a decade.