Canadian Mining Company Pulls Out of Pipeline Project Thanks to Justin Trudeau

Fresh off of his indifference at stopping Leftist thugs blocking trains transporting fossil fuels and Alberta counter-protesters fighting back against them, Canadians have even more of a reason to criticize their pretty boy Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Mining Company Withdraws From $20B Oil Sands Project — Citing Trudeau’s Environmental Policies

David Krayden, February 24th, 2020, The Daily Caller

Canada’s Teck Resources Ltd. has withdrew its application for a $20.6 billion Alberta oil sands project because the Trudeau government’s environmental and climate change policies lack “clarity.”

In an open letter to Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change posted on the firm’s website Sunday night, the company president and CEO Don Lindsay explained, “I want to make clear that we are not merely shying away from controversy. The nature of our business dictates that a vocal minority will almost inevitably oppose specific developments.”

The oil sands, located northeast of Edmonton, are considered to be the third largest petroleum reserves in the world.

The news comes just as the Ontario Provincial Police ordered environmental extremists to remove a barricade near Belleville, Ontario Monday that had brought railway traffic to a standstill for the past three weeks. After sustained criticism and with shortages of fuel and food looming, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday that “the barricades need to come down.”