Online Green Zine Wants to Tie Coronavirus Hysteria to Climate Change

Despite the lack of any link to cliamte change and diseases spreading, it didn’t stop the online environmentalist rag GreenBiz from publishing an article whose author, Joel Makower, harkened for the good old days when environmentalists could link disease spread to climate change (or so he thinks).

If the outbreak of coronavirus has had any positive effects its that it has not only put more focus on medical research but simultaneously exposed government barriers to innovation. A Covid-19 vaccine is presently in the works in Canada after being over two weeks in development. An Israeli company has started development on a blood plasma treatment while Israeli scientists hope to have a coronavirus vaccine completed in a few weeks.

Meantime, doctors are turning to contemporary medications for other illnesses and even experimental treatments in order to treat coronavirus which has revealed some notable success. Unfortunately, regulatory hurdles would delay the aforementioned products anywhere from 90 days to even a year.

Thankfully, the Trump Administration has lifted a number of transportation rules in order to speed up time for delivery of materials for emergency relief efforts, such as the delivery of medicines, cleaning supplies, and to make more doctors available. In short, its very likely that the coronavirus crisis will be solved a lot sooner than people think thanks to the medical community and government official’s laser-like focus on solving the problem.

All of this means nothing to environmentalists since the GreenBiz article expresses a hope on the part of the author and the publication for environmnetalists to gain politically by riding the hysteria resulting from the coronavirus in order to score some short-term political gain. If they ever did succeed then the time and effort to cure or treat the pandemic will be sucked away in order to pay for the green’s latest attempt at a doom-and-gloom scare.

(H/T Wattsupwitthat)