Fracking Ban Could Be On Michigan Ballot in November

An environmentalist group that seeks to ban fracking in Michigan sought to place a proposal outlawing the practice before state’s voters 2 years ago only for state election officials to take it off the 2018 ballot citing an incorrect election date on the nomination petitions. Now a Michigan appeals court has cleared the way for it to appear. Of course the basis the supporters is to claim that fracking results in all kinds of pollution and health risks, including even earthquakes. None of which are true or have been proven yet. But it won’t stop environmentalists from achieving their human-free Eden on Earth.

Anti-fracking effort could get on ballot

The Associated Press

LANSING — A proposal to ban fracking in Michigan could land on the ballot in November.

The state appeals court has ruled in favor of fracking opponents and revived their effort to present the issue to voters.

Hydraulic fracturing is a process in which millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals are injected into wells miles deep to break up layers of shale, releasing oil or gas. Critics say it threatens the environment.

The court said state election officials were wrong to reject petitions with more than 270,000 signatures in 2018. The state said a summary of the proposal had referred to a wrong election date. The appeals court, however, said that’s irrelevant.