Animal “rights” thugs harass Kate Upton

The lovely and talented actress and model Kate Upton was harassed recently by animal rights punks at a workout event she attended in New York City. They made an issue over a partnership she has with Canada Goose, a clothing manufacturing company that uses fur in their product line. Isn’t it interesting that Upton is one of many women entertainers (Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, Vivaca Fox, and Jennifer Lopez) that have been targeted by these kind of hoodlums? Almost all of the people who get harassed at events like this are females. You notice no outcry from feminist groups about this?

Animal rights activists storm Kate Upton’s workout event

Tina Sanders – Gruntstuff

Kate Upton‘s workout was interrupted Wednesday when a bunch of screaming animal activists stormed her health class.

Upton was internet hosting her Strong4Me Health class at theSkimm’s headquarters when protesters bumped into the room and began chanting “disgrace on you!” for selling the corporate Canada Goose prior to now.

In addition they shouted that the Sports activities Illustrated mannequin and the clothes model have “blood on their palms.”

One protester sporting a hat that mentioned “Vegan” shouted, “Coyotes get shot within the head and are strangled to loss of life for Canada Goose, and also you promote that.”

He added, “You’re an influencer. You ought to be selling kindness and but you promote violence. Disgrace on you, you assassin!”