U.N. Climate Change Fund Sees “Opportunity” to Re-Shape the World Thanks to #COVID-19

Sky News out of Australia reveals the UN-funded financial arm of the Paris Agreement (the Green Climate Change Fund) has labelled the killer coronavirus an opportunity to raise funds for climate change action and relaunch economies on low-emission, climate-resilient trajectories.

In other words, the global body is attributing the virus to climate change by default and using the occasion to enact such notable policies, such as aid to China. But, according to Sky News, the Middle Kingdom is not only heavily industrialized with high living standards, but also contributes nothing to the body whose fund is being used to pay for the U.N.’s efforts. With all of this in mind and this being Earth Day, remember it is no coincidence that the event was founded on the same day of Communist leader and mass murderer Vladimir Lenin’s birthday.