Green Activists Seek to Cancel Michael Moore

Environmentalist activists, such as Gasland filmmaker Josh Fox, have targeted movie maker and fellow Lefty Michael Moore for cancellation. Michael Moore reportedly has a new documentary coming out that thrashes renewable energy, and for his heresy Moore must be destroyed. #GetOutThePopcorn

Delingpole: Left-Wing Activists Are Trying to Cancel Michael Moore

James Delingpole – Breitbart

Left-wing activists have turned on documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, furious that the anti-renewables documentary Planet of the Humans which he executive produced has betrayed their cause and giving an easy win to their enemy President Donald Trump.

One of the film’s distributors — Films For Action — has withdrawn its support and demanded a retraction and apology from Moore, in response to an open letter from the left-wing documentary maker Josh Fox.


PHOTO CREDIT: The symbol Ouroboros which in many ancient religions symbolized eternity. In this context it means the Left eats itself.