Butcher Counter-Protests Vegans at his Shop

A vegan, animal rights activist in Perth, Australia named Tash Peterson and an associate took it upon themselves to protest at a butcher shop located in Perth’s Belmont Forum shopping center. At one point, the butcher shop’s owner, Mike Fielder, decided he had seen enough and decided to have a little fun at their expense.

Hardcore vegan is BRUTALLY mocked by a butcher after she launched a protest in his shop covered in fake blood while dressed as a pig pretending to sell human flesh


A vegan who once invaded a football pitch has been taunted by a butcher as she protested inside a Perth shopping mall, dressed as a pig selling human flesh.

Animal rights activist Tash Peterson, 26, who was fined $1800 for running onto the ground during Western Australia’s first AFL women’s derby in February, staged a protest on Monday dressed as an animal butcher.

She hoped her costume would make people think how it would feel to be an animal in a slaughterhouse, to highlight the cruelty she says is hidden behind marketing terms such as ‘free range’.

Ms Peterson livestreamed a Facebook video dressed as an imaginary butcher covered in fake blood, holding a meat tray with a mock-severed human hand for sale.

Her white uniform was splashed with red dye that looks disturbingly like fresh blood and she holds a sign saying ‘Australian free range human meat’.

Instead of a human selling animal meat, Ms Peterson is dressed as an animal selling human meat.

Wearing a pig’s-head mask inside the shopping centre, she held up the severed hand which is labelled ‘free range’.

Ms Peterson argued the meat industry is using false advertising to claim their practices are humane, using words like ‘ethical’, ‘free range’ and ‘RSPCA-approved’ when they are still using cruelty.

‘These are all lies to make the consumer feel good about their choices and to make them believe they are buying a cruelty-free product,’ she says in the video.

‘You’ll find your RSPCA-approved and free range animal products are coming from animals who suffered in horrific and abhorrent conditions inside factory farms.

‘We need transparency from these industries because they are lying to us.’

Ms Peterson and her cameraman then walked into Perth’s Belmont Forum shopping centre to stand outside Tenderwest Meats in a silent protest, standing still and holding up the severed hand for passers-by to see.

The small independent shop, run by butcher Mike Fielder, has been repeatedly targeted by animal rights activists.

In October last year a small group of protesters lined up outside Tenderwest Meats and shouted at passing customers with a megaphone.

‘They never wanted to die for you,’ the group’s leader yelled while his followers held up signs showing animals in slaughterhouses.

It is unclear why the protesters keep returning to the independent butcher, but at the time Mr Fielder said the stunt had backfired, boosting his business with free publicity and support.


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