Atlantic Pipeline Sacked Due to Costs Resulting From Environmentalist Litigation

Virginia-based Dominion Energy and North Carolina-based Duke Energy announced today that they would be cancelling the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project citing mounting costs resulting from environmentalist group litigation. The project would have carried natural has at least 600 miles beneath the Appalachian Trial through the states of West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina.

The pipeline was opposed by environmentalists almost from the start and Dominion Energy and Duke Energy also state that the result has been an additional $3 billion added to the $5 billion price tag over six years. Despite having won a Supreme Court case involving their permit to construct the pipeline, the companies have been involved in legal battles for years making construction prohibitively expensive.

Of course, environmentalist groups, like the Sierra Club, were ecstatic after the announcement and by forcing this pipeline to close down, it makes shipment of natural gas by truck, ship, or railroad much riskier including resulting in, not only thousands of lost jobs, but more carbon emissions to boot. That’s okay with environmentalists since they can probably make the case at some point to shut means of transportation by sea or land down too since the technology is already available for them to make their case to lawmakers.