An Inconvenient Truth … or Convenient Fiction?

Prior to the release of The Great Global Warming Swindle, in 2007 the Pacific Research Institute released a film they produced featuring American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Steven Hayward entitled An Inconvenient Truth … or Convenient Fiction? In the movie, Hayward states: “Much of what Vice President Gore says about climate change is correct. The planet is warming. Human beings are playing a substantial role in that warming.” However, he disagrees strongly with Al Gore’s alarmism and demonstrates why the science is far from settled on the global warming issue.

The movie is a lecture format and runs forty five minutes with Steve Hayward utilizing charts, graphs, maps and pictures. Hayward’s goal is to refute Al Gore’s hyped claims and point out the facts Gore leaves out which Steve Hayward does quite well. Like Gore’s film, Hayward’s movie cost less than $30,000 to make but (not surprisingly) was not distributed into the thousands of theaters An Inconvenient Truth was shown in nor was it showered with all of the awards and recognition that Al Gore’s film received. Steve Hayward insists that humans do not need to alter their lifestyles to combat global warming.

Addendum January 4, 2020: The original movie was taken down from YouTube. Below is an excerpt of the film.