Websites Critical of Islam Banned by WordPress

As it turns out, the website Creeping Sharia and another site Muslim Statistics have been banned by WordPress citing terms of service violations. However, as Breitbart points out, WordPress does not specify what would constitute a violation of their terms of service nor have they outlined what would it would take for WordPress to resort to disciplinary action.

As Breitbart reveals, WordPress’s terms of service says:

Do not publish realistic calls to violence. By that we mean that you cannot post content which threatens, incites, or promotes violence, physical harm, or death. This includes threats targeting individuals or groups, as well as other indiscriminate acts of violence. This restriction does not mean that we will remove hyperbolic or generally offensive language. [emphasis mine]

Their terms of service further says: we do not have any control over those websites and are not responsible for their contents or their use.”states that “we do not have any control over those websites and are not responsible for their contents or their use.

Creeping Sharia alleges that their account was terminated soon after they received a warning from Twitter and WordPress that their posting a Charlie Hebdo image was a violation of Pakistan’s blasphemy law. No word if any negotiations took place to resolve the issue. None the less, this should be very concerning since, despite numerous efforts to take it down, WordPress still hosts Bare Naked Islam.

It is very disturbing that WordPress would take this kind of action despite taking a pro-free speech stance. Now any website they host, including this one, is vulnerable at any time for termination. So far, this website has not been cited for any terms of service violations or issued any kind of warnings.

None the less, with all of the discussions about antitrust actions that could be taken against social media technology companies and websites, like WordPress, who restrict and ban conservative and libertarian personalities and websites, they have forfeited any claim of private property rights. If the Left demands that Christian bakers must be forced to bake cakes of the marriages of gay and lesbian couples, then action to force the technology companies they control to host websites and personalities on the political Right they disdain is appropriate retaliation.

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