Environmentalists Want To Shut Down Other Ways To Ship Fossil Fuels

Since environmentalists have been ardently opposed to pipelines in order to transport fossil fuels, now they’re targeting other means used to ship fossil fuels now. In this case, by rail. If environmentalists lose on the legal front, the most likely outcome is they’ll resort to sabotage.

Environmentalists threaten suit over push to transport liquefied natural gas by rail

By Rachel Frazin, July 24, 2020, The Hill

Two environmental groups on Friday threatened to sue the Trump administration over a newly published rule allowing the transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by rail. 

The rule, which allows for the transport of LNG in rail tank cars, was finalized last month but published in the Federal Register on Friday. 

Previously, a special permit was needed to transport LNG in this way. 

The administration determined that this method of transporting gas is a “safe alternative” after comparing a specific type of tank car to other modes of transportation.