Florida Environmentalists Flee After Phosphate Company Fights Back

A green publication reports Florida environmentalists fled out of sheer panic after lawyers with the phosphate company Mosaic pushed back against their attempt to prevent the company from being granted an operating license by the state due to the company legally using county waterways to dilute pollution from one of the company’s plants in Bartow. All of which is perfectly legal. With all of the violence, looting, and rioting going on in the western United States, this is welcome news to show people are successfully standing up to Leftist bullies.

Is a big phosphate company using legal tactics to scare FL environmentalists?

Craig Pittman, July 23, 2020, Florida Phoenix

I want to be clear about one thing, right up front. This is all perfectly legal.

In an area of Florida where water use has been sharply restricted for 28 years, state officials have been allowing the nation’s largest phosphate company to pump millions of gallons of water out of the ground every day.,

One major use for that water drawn from Hillsborough, Manatee, Polk, Hardee and DeSoto counties: Dumping it. They use it to dilute the pollution from the company’s Bartow phosphate plant. That way, when the company’s waste flows into a creek that flows into the Peace River, it can meet the state’s anti-pollution regulations.

The company, Mosaic, is asking for a new permit from the state to keep dumping its pollution this way — up to 27 million gallons of it every day. The state Department of Environmental Protection is ready to grant the permit, but a group of people challenged the permit as too permissive.

And then a bunch of them dropped out.

They were worried that a judge overseeing the challenge would order them to pay Mosaic a lot of money for getting in the company’s way. And by “worried,” I mean freaking out.