Two Animal “Rights” Hoodlums Trespass on Aussie Pig Farm

Two punks with the animal rights groups Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) and Meat The Victims were arrested for trespassing on a Queensland, Australia pig farm even after the police declined their request to enter. An issue was made over the police’s use of a chokehold, but it is permitted by Qld police policy and the two men still snuck in and filmed despite officers telling them they weren’t allowed in. Also, some details may be missing from the report, such as getting statements from the farmer in question about the pig living conditions.

Animal activist Arkadiusz Swiebodzinski put in ‘chokehold’ by police at Queensland pig farm

Two animal activists protesting at a Queensland piggery have been arrested by police, who allegedly placed one of them in a chokehold on camera.

By Jack Gramenz,

Queensland police have been filmed placing a protester in a “chokehold” after he and another man allegedly trespassed at a piggery near Toowoomba.

The pair were part of a group police said was close to 30 people in size, who showed up to protest on Monday morning, arriving at a pig farm to find police already waiting for them.

“They were there before we got there, they anticipated us there, we’re talking probably at least 15 police officers, many of them were undercover,” Direct Action Everywhere and Meat The Victims activist Arkadiusz Swiebodzinski told

Queensland Police would only confirm that “multiple” officers attended.

Two members of the group allegedly trespassed onto the farm, streaming it live on Facebook.

Mr Swiebodzinski said the group was there to talk to the farm managers about claims of animal cruelty at the piggery.

“We got to the facility with the intentions of politely asking the farm manager whether we can go inside and check the advice we got from many other activists,” he said.

“We were prepared with biohazard suits, gloves, disinfectant, masks, we know the biohazard security rules inside of those facilities and we always adhere to them.

“Once they declined us to come inside I still proceeded with respect to the biohazard security rules.”