Aussie Vegan “Protester” Ridiculed, Laughed at By Coles Staff

A vegan protester took it upon herself to conduct a gross out action trespassing in a Coles supermarket in Perth, Australia. The Daily Mail states she urged patrons not buy hams for the Christmas. Needless to say, supermarket employees shouted at her no one cares while some even laughed at her.

The video below briefly shows her in action. It showed not only that patrons weren’t interested but the animal noises purposely drown out what was said to her. The woman has a history of trespassing conducting her activities and even being fined for doing so.

In fairness, the vegan woman should not have been pushed or touched by what looks like a Coles employee. But there’s also the risk she assumed when entering a supermarket attempting to make a political statement at the company’s expense, making outlandish claims while wearing a bloodied butcher outfit.