Burgess Owens: Juneteenth and July 4th Can Both Be Celebrated

Unfortunately, the left is weaponizing Juneteenth as a way to encourage racial violence, slander the founding of the United States, and attempt to steal momentum from July 4th. A tactic similar to what they used to end celebrations of President’s Day with the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Retired pro-football player and U.S. House member… Read More Burgess Owens: Juneteenth and July 4th Can Both Be Celebrated

Happy Juneteenth!

As of Thursday, the United States has a new federal holiday commemorating the event of Juneteenth when the last slaves in the United States located in Texas were notified they were emancipated. The left is trying to use the occasion to make the case for Black Power or Black Lives Matter, but they’re very wrong.… Read More Happy Juneteenth!

California Braces For More Black-Outs

California’s government has sent everyone a Happy Thanksgiving message in the form of more rolling black outs that, unfortunately, are coming soon. Thanks to heightened wildfire risk, almost 80,000 residents could go without power during the holiday. From the Los Angeles Times: “Communities from Hemet to Ventura may lose power as part of a “public safety… Read More California Braces For More Black-Outs

Scary Halloween

Only three groups of trick or treaters came to Tony Heller’s door on Halloween. Apparently the parents are willing to traumatize their children in order to protect them from a disease that has not killed any kids in Wyoming.