Anti-Hunt Terrorists Have Vehicle Hoisted Off The Ground

Anti-Hunt diversionists in Great Britain were the subjects of a surprise. According to KentOnline, their vehicle was hoisted off the ground after attempting to disrupt bird hunters. The animal rights hoodlums with the group South Coast Hunt Saboteurs believed the hunt was illegal, but James Attwood, the property owner where hunt took place, denied any such insinuation.

Attwood stated that that not only was the hunt legal but he told the thugs to leave twice in which the hoodlums even tried to instigate a fight with him. He said the Land Rover they used was being driven aggressively and, consequently, Attwood’s employees utilized a crane to lift the thug’s vehicle off the ground to prevent any potential harm.

This is the lack of regard so-called animal rights criminals have, not only for private property rights, but for the lives of others. One of the thugs with South Coast Hunt Saboteurs even admitted that they did trespass but it was all for the greater good. To not only refuse to leave after being told and then attempt to instigate violence is terrorism pure and simple.

James Attwood and his employees had every right to defend themselves and the punks who tried to harm them or initiate violence and disrupt the hunt deserve to be prosecuted to the law’s fullest extent.