Elite Hollywood Celebrities Demand Biden End Keystone XL Pipeline

Joe Biden’s decision to sack the Keystone XL pipeline isn’t enough for Hollywood celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Cher, Chris Evans, Orlando Bloom, or Jane Fonda. According to The Hollywood Reporter, more than 200 celebrities, artists, climate activists, and indigenous leaders have signed an open letter to Biden demanding he end the project completely.

Will any of the celebrities donate money to charities to ensure job placement or training for new jobs lost as a result of what they’re calling for? Probably not. Despite being politicized, pipelines are the safest method to transport oil. Yet Biden’s order revoking construction permits for the Keystone XL pipeline, including the fracking moratorium (i.e. ban) he said he would not enact, ended up throwing thousands of people out of work.

Worst of all, Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, said last week that all of the pipelines nationwide could be cancelled. One heckuva a way to Build Back Better, isn’t it? Perhaps when all of Biden’s creative destruction is done, the remaining dust will come raining down on all of the unemployed that will, somehow, reward them with jobs.

No doubt the greens and entertainers opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline will go back to their nice, comfortable, fossil fuel-powered homes complete with all of their luxuries while the average people who could have been employed suffer. Perhaps they’ll buy some more carbon offsets from Al Gore to help them feel even better than signing this letter. After all, it is a lot easier to oppose energy production when you have public notoriety, including a lot of money, and think you can tell other people how to live when you pay no price for the policies you advocate.